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Second Upgrade of the Season
by Supa Dexta (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:49:54 GMT+5)
100 is a good line to draw. Anything below = A OK .. Anything above, proceed with caution.

Bought a new hay ring..
by jcarkie (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:39:06 GMT+5)
Where there is a cow they find a way to misuse everything

Wasps - Ever heard this?
by rollinhills (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:37:15 GMT+5)
when we was hanging tobacco and the wasps got stirred up daddy would always say hold your breath they won't sting you the whole time they'd be lighting you up. you didn't dare quit hanging tobacco though tobacco stick on the butt was worse than the wasps. I sure don't miss those days one bit.

Banding Calves
by Supa Dexta (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:36:50 GMT+5)
cowgirl8 wrote:You might ought to reevaluate how good your bulls grow...

You're the last person on this site I would take bull advice from you toolbag. uhhh that one came from curly the bull because his father had a curly tail...So I know all those calves are his.

edit... but I've got 205 day steers at 800+ lbs if you'd like to compare genetics.

Haven't done this in a long time
by Jogeephus (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:14:46 GMT+5)
Ouachita wrote:Jo,
Glad to hear, in a satisfying way, that your watermelon wine did not turn out well either, because I know if anyone could it'd be you. I'll not be wasting time and ingredients on it again.

The feelings mutual. My wine mentor warned me not to try it but I'm stubborn. Heck, how can watermelon not taste good? Mine had some god awful paraffin-like after taste in it and I couldn't even cook it out. Did yours have a funky aftertaste too? Mine was pretty as it could be. Just tasted bad.

Show your calf pictures.
by Muddy (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:11:41 GMT+5)
Soon to be weaned calves

Who is a Hypocrite
by HDRider (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 17:06:02 GMT+5)
Ouachita wrote:Define common, in the context of your post. I'm not disagreeing, just curious.
People that work for a living and are not elected politicians, or those that use their riches to manipulate events to their self interest. Soros is not a "common man". Joe the plumber is.

One might argue that our foreign policy is in defense of the common man, but sometimes I wonder how that is the case.

Steer w really bad pinkeye
by angus9259 (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:58:46 GMT+5)
Nicklausjames wrote:Yea angus I learned the hard way. I'm making a chute now and have a head gate at my dads just waiting for him to drive the 6 hrs and deliver it. Family = free delivery

Learning is supposed to be the fun part but I never found it real fun. I've heard it said that experience is a SOB of a teacher. She gives you the test first then teaches you the lesson.

Fence help please
by Cross-7 (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:57:25 GMT+5)
I've never built fence from a kayak before.
First time for everything.
My neighbor said its only 3-4' deep and he was right. It is close to the bank but in the middle it was almost over my head.

It's a eerie feeling went your dragging a kayak load with T-post through the water and something brushes your leg !

It would have been comforting to have someone with me
Being all alone and a storm blowing in with wind and lightning
I thought this might be my time

I couldn't find the rope I wanted and I'm short a 100' or so.
I have at least one more trip in and I hope it works and not a wasted effort

Edit to add I ran an electric wire across the top too
It's not hot yet but it can if need be

Who can guess what did this
by (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:45:42 GMT+5)
Uri Geller bent it using psychokinesis. He used to bend spoons and forks like that all the time. No reason he couldn't do it to a lawnmower blade.

Buying Gold
by zirlottkim (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:17:51 GMT+5)
I don't think currency has to be backed by gold. But fiat currency sure isn't the answer. Any form of tangible asset would work, or even a basket of assets. Oil, land, commodities, etc. something instead of nothing.Just because a government agency says a piece of paper has value doesn't mean it actually does. Gold is and has been recognized as real money throughout history and will remain money or at least some form of exchange. I think there are too many dollars. Most are electronic dollars only. The actual paper doesn't even exist. Just a number on a computer created by The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury with absolutely nothing backing it up.

What does your wife drive?
by cowgirl8 (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:16:52 GMT+5)
I drive all the farm trucks, they are all different, 4 speed, 6 speed, auto....But my personal car before 2014, i drove a 2002 fire bird. It was a 5 speed. When i commuted in it, it was ok...but after a while i hated driving a standard. So in 2014 with the good cattle market and some green hanging out our pockets, we went car shopping. I cleaned up my 12 yr old bird, 75,000 miles (put on in the first couple years, got around 5000 the years after)..It was in perfect shape, new tires, inside still smelled new. Was a cheap car at the time, $15,000...Anywho, first place we went was Bonham and looked at trucks. Husband thought, we'll get another farm truck and it can double as your car..I was like, WTF. I did not want to drive a stupid truck. Not one salesperson came out, amazing huh....not a single one. Made my husband mad so we headed to McKinney to the Subaru place. Husband has always had a thing for Subaru's. His first new car was a Subaru, tiny tiny car..It was before we met when he drove it, but paid cash for it so he did not have insurance. He totaled it and came out alive but was a total loss since he had no insurance. Since, he's wanted another. The sales person took us for a ride, and when i say for a ride i mean for a ride. He took us down an embankment on some construction being done on I 75...he went over berms and curbs, I was sitting in the back seat scared shytless....He stopped at a traffic light and i yelled and threw my fist down on the console, SOLD!.....Went to their new fresh off the truck cars and there he was Forest. The only green Forester in the whole lot of hundreds. That was 2 years ago and i love it. Paid cash because that was the good cow year....traded my bird in, got 3500 for it, drove off into the sunset. Got almost top of the line, just short of a few options, but my fav is the heated leather seats...

WIthdrawal period for spraying for flies
by schmidt1 (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:14:25 GMT+5)
I have a question. When diesel fuel is sprayed on cattle for controling flies is there a withdrawl period?

Is this the beginning?
by True Grit Farms (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 16:06:23 GMT+5)

We need a rain soon, or the buzzards will eat all the seed.

Contest(Sept) - "Signs"
by alisonb (Posted Sat, 24 Sep 2016 15:53:31 GMT+5)
Some good pics have been submitted. Remember closing date today


The fall calving season has kicked off, but are you really prepared for it? Here are a few of the important things to have handy for a successful calving season.
Beef cattle selection may soon be as easy as looking at a cow's genes.
The use of artificial insemination in beef cow operations has never reached anywhere near the acceptance of that of the dairy industry. The reasons for this bear discussion as they typically relate to many of the problems we encounter with A.I. in beef herds.
Heterosis (hybrid vigor) has proven its value in many agricultural sectors—whether production of hybrid corn, hogs or beef. There are three kinds of heterosis; individual (the calf), maternal, and paternal. Of the three, paternal heterosis has had the least attention.
Expanding beef production and looming increased calf numbers continue to pressure cattle prices lower, further and faster than many expected.
The handwriting on the wall has become pretty clear. Justified or not, the use of antibiotics in managing the beef animal, at any stage of production, is becoming more challenging.
The bull business is very competitive and purebred people play to win. Because there's a limited number of buyers, breeders spend a fortune on color ads and hire their own field men to exhort ranchers to come to their sale. I knew one breeder who passed out a hundred dollar bill for every bull a ranch manager bought, and once I even saw a bull breeder buy the county fair show steer that belonged to the granddaughter of a large rancher hoping it would pay off.
Are you sifting through stacks of bull sale catalogs looking for your next bull? While bull selection can be a daunting task, your choice will impact your herd for years to come. Thus, taking some time to think about what you need from your next herd sire is important.
It was about 40 years ago that the beef industry was introduced to the Expected Progeny Difference (EPD). In the early days, data were limited and based on comparisons with a few reference sires used in designed programs. There has been much progress in the methods used to calculate EPDs, and today most breed associations provide EPDs on all animals in the breed. After 40 years, there is still confusion over how to use these tools.
When planting wildlife food plots, which is better: annuals or perennials? Ideally, you should have different plots designated for both cool- and warm-season annuals, as well as perennials.
Some diseases affect reproduction, in bulls as well as in cows. It's best to try to prevent these diseases by making sure the cows and bulls have adequate immunity before breeding season.
The 18th Annual Herdbuilder Replacement Female Sale was held August 26th at Alabama Livestock Auction in Uniontown, Ala.
The importance of a breeding soundness exam in herd bulls can prevent costly revenue losses, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist.
The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) was represented by five staff members at the Southeastern Brangus Field Day, on Thursday, August 11 through Saturday, August 13, in Grantville, Georgia.
When you have just enough cows to name them all, it's easy to characterize them by appearance, temperament and some might even say personality. Kids like to find names to fit. Twister was one of ours 20 years ago, an outlier for poor docility that left no daughters in the herd.

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